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Codenamed “NGP” as of now, Sony has released their version of future Portable Gaming and Entertainment. As expected, it’s designed for top notch gaming and graphics, but also an emphasis an on a multimodal user interface and the development of virtual communication among gamers.

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Powered by a quad-core ARM processor paired with a quad-core GPU, it packs a host of smartphone-y features like 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, a compass, Bluetooth, and two cameras — one front, one rear — along with a bevy of control schemes, including a rear touch surface, dual analog sticks, a d-pad plus PlayStation action and shoulder button combo, six-axis accelerometer control, and a touchscreen. Speaking of which, it’s OLED, 960×544 resolution, and five inches across, meaning this thing will be as big as some seven-inch tablets. I guess cargo pants will have to come back in style.

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via: DesignBoom

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